Why Vote?

Because Flagstaff is a small town, YOUR vote makes a BIG difference. In previous years Council and Mayoral seats were determined by a margin of as little as 100 votes. The 2012 Mayoral race was won by a margin of 320 votes. So you see, it’s true; you really make a difference around here.

And why is this important? Because your City Council makes decisions about issues that are relevant to YOU! Whether you lived here for 40 years or 4, protecting open space, investing in public transportation, providing equal rights to same sex couples when it comes to use of public facilities, taking steps for water conservation and for zoning for student housing, are just a small example of the decisions Council makes on any given week.

In the upcoming 2014 elections we are all offered the opportunity to influence the makeup of our City Council. You will be able to vote on three Council seats and one Mayoral seat. With seven seats total (six council and one mayor) each and every one of us can influence the majority dynamic on Council. It takes at least a 4-3 vote to approve or reject a motion.

You might have heard excuses like, “All politicians are the same any way…” Well, think again. City Council representatives are NOT politicians, they are Flagstaff residents just like you and I. And they are NOT all the same. They have very different values, beliefs, and visions for the future of Flagstaff.

The makeup of City Council mirrors the diversity of voices and opinions in our town. Therefore, when we don’t vote, our voice is not represented! It’s as simple as that.

So, take a few minutes to educate yourself about something as important as who will make decisions about issues you care about and FOR THE LOVE OF FLAGSTAFF, VOTE!