Alex Martinez for City Council


PRIORITIES: What three specific issues will you bring forward to the City Council if you are elected (What are your three main priorities)?

  • Economic Development
  • Compatible growth and
  • Our environment

CITY COUNCIL CRITIQUE: Among City Council decisions in last 24 months, what is one decision that you support and one that you were disappointed with and why?

I feel that our city council and mayor do not work well together and are often split on many issues such as minimum wage and affordable housing. I would work to develop a productive, collaborative and professional environment that would focus on issues that concern the services of our city.


EXPERIENCE WITH CITY GOVERNMENT: Please describe your experience serving on City boards, commissions, or task forces and describe your involvement so far in shaping City-level policies.

I am currently a commissioner on City of Flagstaff Planning and zoning Commission. The job involves many hours of studying agenda items that affect neighborhoods, quality of life and our business community. We understand that our decisions will not meet everyone’s needs and that our purpose is to serve the greater good of the city. We do not make policies but rather make sure that zoning codes are followed in order to help maintain our historical culture and follow health and safety codes.


NAU: Are you satisfied with the relations between the City and NAU? What are some areas for improvement?

There is much discussion about NAU and how it is growing in student numbers. Traffic and large private student housing developments are primary concerns that impact quality of life for everyone. There is much finger pointing about who is responsible for change and what we as a community can do to effect positive change. Communication between both parties is crucial for creating productive solutions to community needs.


WATER: Do you support or oppose having our limited local water resources be taken into consideration when planning for growth and development in Flagstaff? Why?

Water resources are vital to every aspect of our lives whether it is personal or commerce. I fully endorse taking water resources into consideration for planning long term and short term growth. Climate change and usage are going to determine if we grow and what quality of life we will live.


WATER: Do you support or oppose recycling reclaimed water for drinking? Why?

Currently state legislation prohibits the use of using recycled water for human consumption. I do not support the use of recycled water for drinking.


HIGH OCCUPANCY HOUSING: What additional solutions do you have to the challenges related to dormitory-style (high-occupancy) housing developments such as the Hub?

The city of Flagstaff needs to follow the building codes that are currently on the books and work with developers to mitigate negative effects on our community. Changing zoning laws that cause devaluation of property puts the City of Flagstaff in legal jeopardy. The elected leadership needs to be cautious about what it promises to the citizens of Flagstaff and what it can rationally do.




  • Providing incentives for affordable housing units within HOH developments
  • Sustainable building practices including renewable energy and water conservation
  • Placing limitations on parking spaces for HOH developments near transit

CLIMATE CHANGE: Would you support or oppose updating the city’s Energy Code so that new buildings must be built to be more energy efficient to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Why?

I fully support updating the city’s Energy Code so that new construction must be built to be more energy efficient to reduce greenhouse emissions. My decisions are data based and all the current research clearly points out that our current climate changes are man made


CLIMATE CHANGE: How high of a priority is implementing the City’s new Climate Action and Adaptation Plan when approved?

I believe that implementing the City’s new Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, if approved, is of highest importance. The two words we do not want to hear are “too late!”


COST OF LIVING: What strategies or policies would you propose to address the high cost of living in Flagstaff?

The one single factor that would have the largest effect on addressing the high cost of living is attracting clean environmental friendly companies that offer jobs that pay a living wage and provide benefits. What is the downside of having more quality employers like GORE?


WASTE: What do you propose to move our community towards zero waste targets?

Encourage our business community to implement recycling procedures and offer tax incentives to encourage participation.


TRANSPORTATION TAX – ROAD/PED/BIKE/SAFETY: Do you support or oppose a sales tax increase for roadway, pedestrian, bicycle, and safety improvements at outlined in Proposition 419?

I support the transportation tax.

TRANSPORTATION TAX – LONE TREE RAILROAD OVERPASS: Do you support or oppose a sales tax increase for a Lone Tree Railroad Overpass from Butler Avenue to Route 66 as outlined in Proposition 420? Why?

I support the Transportation Tax for the Lone Tree Railroad Overpass. It helps with the traffic congestion problem and is the least disruptive option.

TRANSPORTATION TAX – TRANSIT: Do you support or oppose a sales tax increase to expand frequency and times of service for transit as outlined in Proposition 421? Why?

I support the Transportation Tax: Transit. This option will help with traffic issue and help with cutting down our auto emissions.

ATTAINABLE HOUSING BOND: Do you support or oppose a bond to pay for new affordable housing, rehabilitation of existing affordable units and homebuyer assistance as outlined in Proposition 422? Why?

I do not support the Attainable Housing Bond as written. There is no clear cut plan for how it will be used. It does not address the 500 homeless school children, the elderly, homeless veterans and the list goes on. It cuts the bonding capacity of our city by 50 % and limits our financial response to any future infrastructure emergency. This is a feel good political issue in an election cycle. It needs more work and thought before we put the taxpayer on the financial hook.

SUSTAINABLE WAGES ACT: Do you support or oppose a new minimum wage law that would repeal the provisions of Proposition 414 passed in 2016? Why?

I do not support the Sustainable Wages Act. It places a huge burden on our already under funded school district, non-profit organizations and our local business community. What we need are quality companies like Gore that pay a living wage with benefits. Flagstaff has a large population of underemployed citizens.

FUSD: Do you support or oppose the FUSD bond? Do you support or oppose the FUSD Override Renewal? Why?

I fully support the FUSD bond election. This is an investment in human capital which pays dividends for future generations and supports economic growth and improves our standard of living.

CCC: Do you support or oppose the continuation of CCC bond spending to support programs and curriculum? Why?

I fully support the CCC Bond. An educated work force attracts quality employers to our community. This is an investment in our children’s future.