Charlie Odegaard for Flagstaff City Council

PRIORITIES: What three specific issues will you bring forward to the City Council if you are elected (What are your three main priorities)?

1. Pro small business
2. Traffic congestion/funding
3. Conserve/delivery water

CITY COUNCIL CRITIQUE: Among City Council decisions in last 24 months, what is one decision that you support and one that you were disappointed with and why?

Council Support-
The .001% in the water rate charge for water conservation. We are delivering less water today than we did in 1989. We can do better in policy for the longevity of Flagstaff.

Didn’t Support-
The change from three votes to four votes to get an item on the agenda. With the current makeup on the Council right now it should have been kept at three. I will be working with all members on Council to move agenda items forward that benefit all of Flagstaff.

EXPERIENCE WITH CITY GOVERNMENT: Please describe your experience serving on City boards, commissions, or task forces and describe your involvement so far in shaping City-level policies.

I currently serve as Vice-Chairman on the Water Commission. I’m proud to say we have a great working relationship with all seven Commissioners. We are knowledgeable, thoughtful, and respectful as a group. We like to spend the extra time on an issue, sometimes to the annoyance of staff, but in the end we make the best informed decision for Flagstaff.

CAMPAIGN FOR A GREATER BUFFALO PARK BALLOT INITIATIVE: Do you support or oppose the ballot initiative to protect the city-owned lands on McMillan Mesa as a park? Why?

I’m 100% behind the preserving the forested land east of Turquoise and North of Forest Ave. The other large section on the ballot measure could use more thought. The current Council unanimously approved a huge subdivision south of Forest Ave. and where were the people to object to the subdivision? I hope to be on Council to make the right decision in what should be protected from development.

FLAGSTAFF NEEDS A RAISE BALLOT INITIATIVE: Do you support or oppose the ballot initiative to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15/hour over 5 years? Why?

I was so disappointed that this was brought forward with no open houses, surveys, and no community discussion. The organizers who filed the ballot initiative had out of state phone numbers. They will cite economists who will say an increase in the minimum wage is a good thing, but there is no history to use a reference of going to $15 per hour. Let this go back to community to have a serious discussion on what is good for Flagstaff without costing peoples livelihood, for people will lose jobs and costs will go up when the rate goes to $15/hour.

WATER 1. Do you support or oppose having our limited local water resources be taken into consideration when planning for growth and development in Flagstaff? Why?

We do that already and staff has policies in place.

WATER 2. Do you support or oppose accessing water from Red Gap Ranch to meet future water needs? Why?

I do support the Red Gap water delivery for it’s the prudent and responsible planning for Flagstaff. We can do better at conservation and technology. I don’t believe Red Gap will come on in my lifetime.

DORMITORY-STYLE (HIGH OCCUPANCY) HOUSING 1. Would you support or oppose re-evaluating the zoning code to ensure that new development is compatible with surrounding neighborhoods and historic areas? Why?

We have members on Council who served in 2011 that approved the current zoning. You should ask those Council members and hold them accountable. I’m open to relooking at zoning and looking for improvements that best represent Flagstaff.

DORMITORY-STYLE (HIGH OCCUPANCY) HOUSING 2. What additional solutions do you have to the challenges related to dormitory-style (high-occupancy) housing developments such as the Hub?

I love NAU and what it has represented for Flagstaff, but we are at a crossroad with NAU adding 1,000 students per year for last several years with no end in sight. This is not sustainable for Flagstaff. We need to have a serious discussion with the Arizona Board of Regents saying this is having a negative impact on Flagstaff and we need NAU growth that Flagstaff can handle. I have the strength to take this on, for I don’t have an invested interest in NAU like other members on Council.

CLIMATE CHANGE 1. Would you support or oppose the resolution presented by the Citizen’s Climate Lobby regarding Carbon Fee and Dividend legislation to address climate change? Why?

I don’t believe in resolutions.

CLIMATE CHANGE 2. Would you support or oppose updating the city’s Energy Code so that new buildings must be built to be more energy efficient to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? Why?

I believe our Energy Code is fine and believe in letting the homeowner do more on their own.

COST OF LIVING: What strategies or policies would you propose to address the high cost of living in Flagstaff?

I wish there was just one thing we could point to and bring the cost of living down. What we can do as a Council is set policy that can bring little changes that will add up overall to the cost of a project. We can look at what the city charges and expectations of a builder. We can be proactive in policy of attracting good paying jobs that’s right for Flagstaff. We have the talent and the natural beauty of Flagstaff to attract those jobs.

TRANSPORTATION: What strategies or policies would you propose to enhance our transportation systems?

Traffic congestion was the number one concern of Flagstaff citizens from a survey that was conducted two years ago. We cannot go back to Councils of past that neglected Flagstaff’s infrastructure in care and planning. We have to have roads that serve Flagstaff residents in timely and sustainable way. We need start planning long-term solutions and identify funding.